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Identifying infrastructure needs

The developed infrastructure is a prerequisite for traditional travel and tourism. It is a rule of thumb that these thrive in areas with good infrastructure. It is also known that building infrastructure requires substantial investments. Very often the required investment is beyond the budgets of local communities and sometimes even national governments. The allocation of scarce infrastructural funds is normally a subject of serious lobbying activities and subject to competition.

The members of AETTA by the very nature of their profession travel a lot and are able to unmistakably distinguish inadequacies and imbalances in infrastructural development be it congested railway stations or airports, poor roads or substandard accommodation facilities. The realisation came that there is a need in a mechanism capable to channel this knowledge to the benefit of the public interests and the travel and tourism sector in particular.

Therefore, in 2007 the members of the Association set up the research group Infrastructural Task Force, which has as the main agenda the identification of infrastructural needs. This research group essentially collects, sorts and priorities the infrastructure-related input from the AETTA members. The issues are then raised with the relevant authorities and decision-makers.

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