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Developing Safety Standards and Reinforcing Safety Regulations

Safety is a fundamental aspect for the operations of any organisation. It is even more so for for travel and tourism agencies. The objective of safe travel is a must for any serious travel and tourism agency. To professionally propose its services a travel and tourism agency has to be informed about many safety related aspects and in particular:

  • ➔ health hazards of travel related to particular destinations
  • ➔ hazards of travel related to modes of transport
  • ➔ implications and risks of sports related tourism
  • ➔ implications of travel for people with disabilities and health problems

A competent advice of a well-trained travel and tourism agent can ensure that people do have an active travel life and stay safe at the same time. The safety aspects of travel are so important that almost at the outset of the Association its members established Safety and Security Task Force, a research group specifically dedicated to the safety and security of travel.

The objective of this research group is to develop the safety standards, which are then recommended for the implementation to the AETTA members. The recommendations take into account the latest measures taken by the European Community and national governments in the area of the safety for the travel and tourism sector. Furthermore, the Safety and Security Task Force elaborates AETTA's position versus various safety and security aspects. AETTA then makes sure that our voice is heard at an appropriate regulatory level. We are proud that a number of our initiatives made its way to the European and national laws and regulations on safety and security issues in travel and tourism.

AETTA has been the powerful and respected voice of the European travel and tourism sector for over 20 years.
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