Office Background

Association of European Travel and Tourism Agencies (AETTA) actively pursues its strategic objectives set by AETTA's General Assembly and provides a common platform for its members to learn best practices in the travel and tourism industy and network with their peers and leading experts.

Fostering Network Opportunities

AETTA brings together over one thousand members coming from 47 different countries. All our members come from Europe or are focused on European destinations. That is why when it comes to finding a trustworthy partner in a particular country of Europe or elsewhere the Association's platform is the proven networking tool and a valuable source of information for its members. The Association has a long list of success stories in helping its members establish long-lasting business relationships.

Disseminating Knowledge

We are in a unique position to collect and disseminate industy knowledge and intelligence among our members. For this reason AETTA has five working research groups dedicated to security and safety, environment, infrastructure, transport and competition areas. The primary focus of the research groups is to study best practice in the respective areas and to disseminate it among its members. Given the sheer size of the Association the sources of best practice are AETTA members themselves. That means that the proposed ideas for business organisation, marketing and development are proven and stress-tested in real business life by the fellow Association members.

Influencing Legislators and Decision-Makers

AETTA's key strength is its profound knowledge of the travel and tourism sector in Europe. Our panoramic view of this sector comes from the collective knowledge of our members. This is why AETTA is a trustful source of the opinions of the professionals of the travel and tourism industry. We are listened to and respected by key industry regulators starting from the top level institutions of the European Union down to decision-makers at local communities. We look to be involved in the decision-making process of all key stakeholders in the value chain of the travel and tourism sector. This includes not only classical lobbying activities with legislative and government bodies but also influencing of key suppliers to our industry such as air and land transport and accommodation sectors.

Promoting Fair Competition

Essentially, all our efforts are focuses on one major goal: ensuring the sustainable growth of the European travel and tourism sector and, as a result, contribute to the success of business of our members. As a supra-national organisation we work for the benefit of all our members. It is a key condition for us that the European travel and tourism market provides a level playing field for all our members. We work with the legislators at both European and national levels to make sure that the conditions under which competition can thrive are crystal clear.

The EU competition law explicitly forbids agreements or concerted practices between undertakings which would have the object or effect to restrict competition. All our members must abide by the conditions of this law at all time.

AETTA has been the powerful and respected voice of the European travel and tourism sector for over 20 years.
Brussels Background