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Improving Transportation Networks

Transport is a key component of the tourism sector. Having diverse and efficient transport options is a prerequisite for its efficient functioning. The growth of tourism sector in Europe goes hand in hand with the development of air, ground and rail-based transport networks. At the same time it is important that the development of transport infrastructure does not impact the environment, which increasingly becomes a crucial factor in the demand side of tourism.

It is a well proven scientific fact that there is direct positive correlation between the investments in the transport infrastructure and the growth of tourism sector. This fact alone automatically makes us an important stakeholder in the European transport sector. This importance of transport for us is reflected in the Transport Task Force, our research unit which was specifically set up to study and elaborate our position on all aspects related to transport sector in Europe.

Reinforcing Competition in the Transport Sector

AETTA members directly benefit if there is a sufficient level of competition, level playing field for all transport markets participants and improvement in quality of transport infrastructure. Last but not least, it is our conviction that improvements in transportation can come hand in hand with the amelioration of the environment. That is why AETTA allocates considerable efforts to the monitoring of regulation and development of transport sector in European markets.

AETTA is not just a passive observer. We have also elaborated and launched sophisticated projects aimed at improving competition and transparency in the European transport sector, thus increasing the value of AETTA for our members. One of such projects originated inside AETTA,, a platform for booking passenger vehicles with driver in Europe, helps our members to both rent coaches, vans and cars with driver from reliable carriers and realise important savings at the same time. This is just one example of successful collaboration in the area of transport between the members of our Association.

AETTA has been the powerful and respected voice of the European travel and tourism sector for over 20 years.
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