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Promoting Standards for Security of Travel

The modern world subjects travelers to the risks of criminal dangers, terrorism and even armed conflicts. Responding to these challenges is not an easy task. Association of European Travel and Tourism Agencies (AETTA) manages all issues related to travel security within our Safety and Security Task Force. This research group puts a special effort into educating the AETTA members on how to effectively reduce if not altogether avoid the security dangers related to travel.

In addition to outright dangers, travelers are confronted with consequences of patchy security measures adopted throughout European transport networks be it airports, railway stations or sea ports. Very often such security measures appear burdensome, intrusive and inconsistent. This in turn can spoil impression even from a perfect travel. Such measures by the way often lead to direct losses for the end customers. Only at the European airports alone more than 55 thousand of passengers personal belongings, worth some EUR 600 millions, are confiscated on a yearly basis. These losses are certainly avoidable.

Security of travel is one of our key objectives. And that is why AETTA puts a considerable effort in influencing the European and national legislators and other decision-makers to establish coherent and transparent security rules across all Europe.

AETTA has been the powerful and respected voice of the European travel and tourism sector for over 20 years.
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