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Strategic Membership

Strategic membership is open to associate members of Association of European Travel and Tourism Agencies (AETT). After two years of the enrollment with AETTA an associate member is eligible to apply for the strategic membership status. Participation in the life of the Association as a strategic member requires certain commitment, dedication and resources. Therefore, strategic membership is normally suitable for larger agencies and organisations interested to contribute to the cause of the development of the European travel and tourism sector as a whole.

Benefits of Strategic Member

The following is a brief overview of the benefits to be gained from the strategic membership with AETTA:

  • ◾ Access to Annual General Assembly
  • ◾ Annual reunion of Strategic Members
  • ◾ Access to all AETTA's research groups
  • ◾ Information and updates on the latest developments in all relevant areas of the travel and tourism sector
  • ◾ Copies of AETTA publications
  • ◾ Access to AETTA market intelligence, analyses and statistics
  • ◾ Promotional package: use of AETTA's logo, listing and link on AETTA's website, visibility at AETTA's events through sponsorship and advertising
  • ◾ Dedicated press release announcing your strategic membership with AETTA
  • ◾ Mediation and legal support in case of litigation on subject in the scope of AETTA e.g. anti-competitive practices against your organisation

Responsibilities Strategic Member

Below is a brief overview of the responsibilities of a strategic member:

  • ◾ Active contribution to the life of AETTA: at least one person representing your organisation should become an active member and contributor of one of AETTA's research groups
  • ◾ Compliance with the General Terms and Conditions of Strategic Membership
  • ◾ Compliance with European directives and applicable national legislation in the area of travel and tourism.
  • ◾ Annual payment of the strategic membership fee: (5 890 € in 2024)

Terms and Conditions of Strategic Membership

Please contact AETTA's secretariat to receive the Terms and Conditions of the associate membership.

For further information you can contact our marketing team: by Email or by phone.

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