Association of European Travel and Tourism Agencies

♦ Objectives


Ensure sustainable growth

The travel and tourism sector is the backbone of the European economy. This sector alone employs 12% of the European workforce. Therefore, Association of European Travel and Tourism Agencies (AETTA) has one paramount objective: ensure the sustainable growth of the European travel and tourism sector and the success of the business of our members in particular.


Being the industry practitioners, AETTA's members recognise that the sustainable development for the travel and tourism sector is not possible without key conditions that that must be met by industry participants and the European society as a whole. AETTA defines them as follows:

  • Travel must be safe
  • Travel must be secure
  • Environment must be safeguarded
  • Adequate infrastructure must be in place
  • Competition must be fair

The members of the Association decided that these conditions should define the objectives for our efforts. To provide AETTA with the means to support the objectives the members of the Association have established the research groups. These are the think-tanks that define AETTA's position on each subject and recommend actions for its members.

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